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Maximum Tailoring = Minimal Training

General Training

From the discovery modelling phase to the completion of the set up of your system, we’ll be working together closely to ensure your system delivers on your requirements and makes sense to those using it. We don’t expect much training to be required to use your application at all, as it will be built for you to work in the way you want to. General training in the use of your system will therefore be minimal.

Learn to use the Toolkit to shape the future of your system

Toolkit Training

Toolkit training is optional once your system is live (unless you wish to opt for 'full control'). If you would like to learn how to use the toolkit to create and edit aspects of your system yourselves, you can. Whether it’s one of our Gifted Solutions or a journey that’s completely new in GiftedMatrix, we offer different toolkit training options tailored to your needs.

Full Control

For anyone who is interested in taking the lead from the off and would like full control over their toolkit to be able to configure every aspect of their Gifted Application themselves, we offer comprehensive training in ‘The Gifted Toolkit’.

('Architect Role' - You)

Control After Implementation

For those looking for a system to be set up more quickly and gradually introduce levels of control after initial implementation, you can opt for the Control after Implementation option.

('Architect Role' - Shared)

Define & Refine

Finally, for organisations who would prefer us to manage their set up fully and then make requests for changes to their Gifted Application that we implement on their behalf, our Define and Refine service should suit perfectly.

('Architect Role' - Us)

It's Up To You

These are simply examples to demonstrate our flexible spectrum of training options. As with everything Gifted, the choice is always yours.

From Gifted Apprentice to Gifted Master and beyond...


Whatever support you may need along your short journey from Gifted apprentice to Gifted master and beyond, the Gifted support team are at your service. No issue is too big or too small, no question too foolish or complex. We’ve built GiftedMatrix to be used by people, and we love providing the personal touch to complete the experience wherever required.



Your Questions? Answered.


Easily log a query at any time by email or telephone. We track and monitor all issues and categorise them by type and priority. If it’s a matter of urgency, we’ll get on it straight away. If it’s an idea for improvement or an enhancement suggestion, then we’ll process it, discuss it, and if it makes sense even build it into your application for you! There really are no limits within the GiftedMatrix.

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