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Complete Grants Management. With built-in CRM. And total flexibility.

Grants Management. How it should be.

For every type of Organisation.

And every type of Grant.

Fields, Terminology, Processes, Structure. It's all yours.

Built by Us. Made by You.

We’ve built decades of experience into Gifted Grants. That’s decades of understanding the processes and tools required to carry out Grant Management effectively. It's also the understanding that every organisation is different. Every organisation knows what they do and how they do it. We won’t try to change your way of working (unless you want us to!), we'll work with you to create a system that fits, streamlines, and enhances it. Because ‘Best Practice’ is now personal.


Self-Service makes it easier. For Everyone.

Intelligent Self-Service

Allow your stakeholders to self-serve their needs with their own ‘external user’ login and personal dashboard to do everything; from applying for grants to managing them on behalf of others. Take the hassle out of processing every request on behalf of your stakeholders and give them the power to manage their own engagements straight from your website. Use Gifted Grants to deepen your relationship with everyone your organisation touches - automatically.

Organised. Fun.

Modern, intuitive, and fully customisable UI. For a system that's a joy to use.

Stay Connected

Securely Accessible from any browser on any device. So you never lose touch.

Work Smarter

Set up a portal for external assessments and panels to feed straight into your system.

Deepen Relationships

Clear simple view of each applicant and their entire history with you.

The power to do more good.

End-to-End and beyond. Streamlined.

Gifted Grants covers every part of the grants process - application, assessment, reviews, progress tracking, panels, fulfilment, finance, feedback…. You know the drill. Instantly generate reports and cut down the time spent on manual processing and admin work. We’ll always work with you to ensure your system increases your efficiency, allows for seamless collaboration, and enables you to do more good.

Bring a new flow to the way you work.

Sensitive Automation. It's what we do.

Build functional workflows in minutes and use our business process modeller to get a diagrammatic overview of exactly how your process works. Create new processes, reduce manual intervention by automating stages, notifications, communications, and anything else to make your work more efficient. Plus, with smart communication templates, your beneficiaries will never forget that grants - are personal.

Seamless Collaboration

‘Marketplace’ allows users to take on assignments from a marketplace style list with one click.

Automated Efficiency

Automatic data flow into your finance/other systems. So you can do the important things.

Predictably Helpful

Live estimation of completion times for each application. Predict, manage resources, and help more.

Measure. Grow.

Measure your effectiveness and bottlenecks in workflows with SLA settings. Re-allocate resources and carry on.

Online Application forms are standard. Gifted Forms aren't.

Forms that set you apart. And bring everyone together.

Create integrated application forms that guide, prompt, save and pass information directly into Gifted Grants. Animated forms for engagement, single-page forms for efficiency. Add progress bars, feedback options and more. Or, seamlessly mirror exactly what you have on your website. We’re not fussy.

Cut through the noise to get what you need. Instantly.

Dynamic Dashboards. Powerful Reports.

Set up Dashboards for individuals and teams tailored to each role. Functional dashboards can be customised by individuals to work for them and team dashboards can be set-up to give live management reporting on entire processes. Edit dashboards in minutes so you always have exactly what you need, exactly where you need it.

Gifted Grants

Building Your Digital Future. Together.

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