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Grants Management. Your way.

Giving you the ability to surmount spreadsheets, glide through the impact of volume, eliminate time-consuming errors and still be considerate with communications - Gifted Grants provides you with all the tools you need to elegantly deal with the entire grants process, however you see it. Add any other features your organisation may need and do it your way with Gifted Grants.


Years Of Experience - Consolidated

Backed By Understanding

Decades of experience in Grants Management software have given us a deep understanding of the complex processes involved in the entire life-cycle of a grant. This knowledge, coupled with the backing of GiftedMatrix means that Gifted Grants covers everything the Grants Management process may throw at you.

Create an online application form for your beneficiaries and guide them through the form with conditional logic and help text.

Set up an assessment process for your internal reviewers and assist their line managers to manage the workload with the help of SLA measures and estimated completion times.

Manage external assessments and committee meetings; send files to suppliers’ FTP sites to fulfil goods and vouchers and to the Finance system to make BACS payments.

It's Grants Management, and so much more.

Powered By GiftedMatrix

Gifted Grants has been built in the GiftedMatrix to demonstrate its capabilities and our expertise in Grants Management specifically. However, with GiftedMatrix, there really are no limits.

Below are examples of other processes that began as Ideas in the GiftedMatrix and have been developed into comprehensive Applications in their own right. Your Gifted Solution can be configured to include any number of these powerful features, many of which will be added to the list of 'Gifted Solutions' soon.

Add features and build around your Grants application to accommodate any other processes your organisation needs control over.  




Project Management



Complaints Management


Whatever You Need - Without Compromise.

Built For You

Start with Grants and build in a helpline and volunteering system, or include all of the features needed for you to carry out your engagements fully from the beginning. GiftedMatrix allows you to add and customise any features you require, giving you the power to cover everything your organisation needs to dynamically.

Grow and develop your application when you choose to, defining and refining as you go. Never fall short with the backing of GiftedMatrix. 

Fully suporting multiple processes in their entirety

Supported Processes

Families & Children

Goods/Vouchers Income/Holidays

Project & Research funding

Grants to pay for salaries, equipment, travel etc.


Bursary and scholarship applications

Benevolent Funds

Goods/income for individuals and family members who have worked in that industry

Community Groups & organisation

Income to pay for running costs/project work


Lifetimes assistance

Arts & Cultural Agencies

Projects and community work

Cater to the needs of your organisation - without having to compromise

Accessible cloud software - without limits.

Gifted Grants is ready to be implemented as an 'out of the box' solution, completely scalable (up and down) and all set for you to begin using straight away. Fully fitted with all of the features you'll need to make every part of the Grants process efficient and straightforward to carry out, and securely accessible from anywhere, on any device.

With a fresh and modern UI that can also be customised by the user to look and feel exactly how they want it to - from reflecting company branding to accommodating the preferences of individual users – your Grants application is backed by powerful, professional cloud software with a personal touch.

Dynamic applicant dashboards

  • Give applicants their own area to manage applications, from submitting new applications, tracking the ones in progress and viewing those completed.
  • Design application forms to convey only the information you want applicants to see. Allow them to update data or restrict their view to read-only.
  • A clear and simple display of all communications sent and received.
  • Notifications to remind applicants when information is required.
  • Dynamic dashboards which can be updated with current information whenever needed.
  • Device responsiveness means applicants can access what they need to securely, on any device at any time.

Third Party Engagement

  • A straightforward registration process for referrers enabling application on behalf of a beneficiary
  • Allows for the beneficiary consent to be recorded by a third party.
  • Easily track beneficiary applications to keep respective beneficiaries up to date.
  • Marketplace allows different roles to 'grab' and take ownership of tasks from a marketplace style list. See who is also viewing marketplace live, and which tasks people have taken, as well as which remain to be assigned.

Flexible Data Definition

Invaluable Self-Service

Fluid Forms

Privacy By Design

Smart Workflows

Scoring & Automated Assessments

Fully customisable application forms

    • Design each application form to enhance the user experience
      • Can be paged to organise the data into more manageable sections
      • Introduce mandatory fields
      • Format questions with buttons and dropdowns for ease of use
      • Display/Hide relevant sections based on previous responses
      • Add help text throughout the application using expanded boxes or hover-over help icons
      • Never lose track with progress bars and stage completion trackers
      • Guarantee engaging presentation with the Animated Steps Wizard

Intelligent Workflows

  • Streamline the entire grant life cycle, from initial request through grant approval and reporting
    • Automatically record and store complete workflow history
    • Automated communication based on applicant preferences
    • Privacy by design - Tailor views of the application based on the stage of the workflow
    • Automated processes built into workflows - From Automated reminders to the export of data sent to an FTP site for a supplier.

Comprehensive Financial Integration

  • Full support of purchase orders, invoicing, bacs file and credit note processing
  • Nominal ledger processing and codes structure support
  • Automatic data flow into your finance system
  • Automatic invoice to purchase order matching
  • Generation of invoices to be sent to suppliers

Easy Evidence Upload

Upload documents to support your request

Instant Communications

Instantly communicate and inform

Multi-fund Sourcing & Application

Source from multiple funds

Every Form of Help

Every Form of Help - Products, cash or services

Fast Track Applications

Fast track & route applications to the appropriate people

Informed Decision Support

Get average processing times and Service Level Agreement breaches

Financial Integrity

Purchase Orders, invoice import and matching, automatic integration with your accounting system.


Collaboration Portals

Integrate your suppliers, Assessors, Peers and every other stakeholder straight into your workflows

Smart stakeholder management

  • Connect all of your data to the people and organisations that matter to you
    • Household structure to connect parents/guardians and children
    • Organisation to connect individuals
  • Design what your user can see about the stakeholders depending on what role you give them

Real-time reporting

  • Measure the effectiveness of your workflows with SLA settings.
  • Live estimation of completion times for each stage of the application assessment to facilitate prudent resource management
  • User-defined charts and graphs

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