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The What.

Our Mission

All we really want to do is facilitate the missions of others; to bring people together and help them towards their goal. We believe that making everyone’s work more efficient, simple and easy allows them to spend more of their time making the impact they want to, rather than wasting energy trying to tackle and tame their daily business processes.


Our Story


Striving For A Better World

Carbon commitment

 Carbon footprint - Carbon offsetting - Carbon neutrality. All key phrases which timeline the direction in which the world needs to move in light of the urgent environmental problems facing us all. We thought this would be an excellent opportunity to tell you a little bit about what we’re doing to try and help. We may not be one of the largest companies or one with a huge impact, but a collective effort is required, and we are always looking to play our part where we can as we advance. For starters, the platform our latest product - GiftedMatrix - is hosted on is Microsoft Azure. Microsoft has recently pledged to be carbon neutral by 2030 and even to have removed entirely from the environment all carbon they have produced since their inception - carbon negative by 2050.

 Here at Westwood Forster, we were ahead of the curve in a sense as a carbon considerate company through the adoption of our virtual way of working. We downsized our office back in 2014 to be a space for meetings and an environment for people to come together and collaborate, rather than an office for everyone to travel to and from every day. This halved our carbon footprint. Great. In 2017 however, we decided we could go one step further and began to operate as a purely mobile entity. No permanent office space with significant carbon output. No travelling to and from work five days a week. We’re now closer than ever to our goal of being where we need to be - carbon neutral. We think it’s an accumulation of the little things that add up to big changes, and we hope you would agree!

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