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Major Donors, Corporates and Trusts.

Smart Major Donor Management. Delivered

From high net worth individuals to working with corporates and trusts, our specialised toolkit has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of many major donor teams, adding millions of pounds to project budgets and building delivery capacity. It has evolved and been refined over years to form our latest Gifted Solution:

Welcome to Gifted Major Donors - Facilitating the nurturing of highly personal relationships with prospects while providing a rock-solid foundation for research, cultivation and stewardship. Gifted Major Donors works naturally with the fundraiser while also providing Team Managers key insights to assess performance, prospect pipelines and advancement.

Providing you with the tools to create structure without rigidity

A Flexible Framework

In our experience, there really is no such thing as a typical journey for a major donor. Major gift fundraising requires striking a balance between an approach consistent enough to be repeated and relationships personal enough to be effective.

Gifted Major Donors ensures the needs of any major gift fundraising process can be met. It was built with the understanding that the ability to be highly customisable to each method and prospect while giving a structure to the process was essential. With Gifted Major Donors, successes don't have to be a flash in the pan but can be built upon and reliable.

The diverse process of Major Donor Management - Consolidated

Major Gifts Made Manageable

Going for major gifts can be a costly, resource-intensive endeavour, but the high return on investment has seen the relative importance of a strong major donor plan increase significantly. Whether your major donor program is fully developed or just starting out, Gifted Major Donors provides you with the tools you need to support any approach - from personal networks to targeting relevant industry sectors – and sustain it to closure.

However you define a Major gift, and whatever your model for securing them, Gifted Major Donors puts the science behind the art of Major Gift Fundraising.

High Net-Worth Individuals

Gifted supports any Major Donor Model - Individual donors with a personalised approach, Circle of friends, fundraising boards or Major Appeals.


Manage partnerships: “charity of the year”, Customer fundraising, employee fundraising and Cause related Marketing. 


Tailor and schedule your application, ensuring your application meets the Trusts Criteria. Develop and explore relationships with individuals at the Trust.

Manage and monitor all interactions - from prospects to internal teams

Easily Keep Track of Every Interaction

Every interaction matters in the journey of a major donor, and losing track of any communication can reduce the effectiveness of your approach. Never miss a step with Gifted Major Donor's Interaction Tracker:

  • Check Contact 360 for a holistic view of a prospect, including interactions with other teams
  • Analyse prospects' connections
  • Receive alerts when income is received and when a prospect's position or circumstances change
  • Create diarised actions for other team members
  • Manage personal and team diaries
  • Maintain an integrated view of all communications received, including emails
  • Automatically read tweets
  • Link to Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media

A clear record of every detail and relationship - All in one place.

Pipelines For Identification & Research

Research prospects and create profiles detailing biographies, inclinations, preferences and giving capacities, as well as their involvement history with yours and other organisations. Assess your current supporters and determine who could be potential targets.

Create pipeline stages to suit your identification and research process and carry out due diligence to eliminate reputational risk. Gather as much information as you need: Relationships, biography, family, career, network of contacts, link to information sources from the web. Highlight the areas you want to stand out. Gifted Major Donors means the power of your research is limitless.

A Snapshot

Key Features

Start The Involvement

Schedule meetings, briefings and create and manage events. See who knows whom through the relationship finder. Link to Projects of interest.

Gifted Chat

Explore the social side of Gifted. Chat with your colleagues, bond with your teams and strengthen your relationships. You can link to the prospects social media channels too.

Liklihood, Inclination, Likes & Dislikes

As you get to know the prospect record Likes and dislikes, the likelihood of a successful outcome, the inclination of the prospect.

Forget dashboard clutter and unhelpful views

Set Targets - Analyse - React

Measuring realistic targets against actual performance is vital in understanding the effectiveness of your major donor programme and where there is value to be added. Customise each dashboard to always display useful and relevant information to whichever team member is viewing it. Monitor targets, analyse performance and react to developments in the prospect journey with Gifted Dashboards:

  • Pipeline - development plans in progress by stage and value
  • Team targets vs actual performance
  • Fundraiser targets vs actual performance
  • Aged activity analysis - showing the age of the last interaction for each prospect by fundraiser.
  • Cross-tab analysis - proposals by inclination, capacity, likelihood, fund and value banding

Key Feature Spotlight

Flexbile Pipelines

Taking a look at one of our most important Key Features: Flexible Pipelines. Gifted Major Donors understands that flexibility is vital in the life cycle of a prospect relationship to allow for bespoke journeys to be tailored to each potential donor. Flexible pipelines combine all of the essential processes required for the seamless journey through the organisation of each donor.

  • Set targets for income or engagement. 
  • Create tailorable development pipelines to outline the steps and stages you want your fundraisers to take.
  • Assign each prospect and development plan to a fundraiser
  • Manage and analyse prospects’ positions in the development life cycle.
  • Assign influencers and others to develop prospects
  • View your caseload and the team’s caseload
  • Manage and measure significant moves along the pipeline as well as minor steps within the pipeline.


A snapshot

Key Features

Dashboards to manage caseloads and see teams

Define your dashboard for key insights: Prospects by Pipeline or prospects by fundraiser, inclination, likelihood.

Get alerted if anything happens with a prospect

When the prospect reaches a sensitive stage, make sure all activity by other individuals and teams is managed by subscribing to activity alerts.

Celebrate Closure

Seal the deal and start the stewardship process. Announce your deal to your colleagues.. For Corporates this may be the start of a long partnership where regular feedback, performance reporting and contractual obligations have to be met.

It's Major Donor Management, and so much more.

Powered By GiftedMatrix

Gifted Major Donors has been built in the GiftedMatrix to specifically demonstrate its capabilities and our expertise in Major Donor Management. However, with GiftedMatrix, there really are no limits.

Below are examples of other processes that began as Ideas in the GiftedMatrix and have been developed into comprehensive Applications in their own right. Your Gifted Solution can be configured to include any number of these powerful features, many of which will be added to the list of 'Gifted Solutions' soon.

Add features and build around your Major Donor application to accommodate any other processes your organisation needs control over.  




Project Management



Complaints Management


Whatever You Need - Without Compromise

Built For You

Start with Major Donors and build in a helpline and volunteering system, or include all of the features needed for you to carry out your engagements fully from the beginning. GiftedMatrix allows you to add and customise any features you require, giving you the power to cover everything your organisation needs to dynamically.

Grow and develop your application when you choose to, defining and refining as you go. Never fall short with the backing of GiftedMatrix. 

Find out more!

Ask us anything; whether it's more info on the product, a demo or even that elusive family life story of our founders.

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